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Paperless and Transparent

Commercial Property Management


Your Business is our Business.

Broadwalk is an established commercial property management company currently serving London and the surrounding counties. We are now expanding to a number of areas within the East Midlands.

Reducing Costs. Always.

We have developed our own unique online manskyscrapersagement system using over ten years experience in commercial property management. Our paperless ethos reduces administration costs for our clients and keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Paperless. Transparent. 24/7.

Over the years, we have discovered that landlords and tenants are very receptive to our paperless approach to property management.  It has been proven that allowing for instant access to documentation contributes to a significant reduction in both time and costs during the conveyance of any letting or sale. We offer a unique approach to managing commercial properties. Our paperless and fully transparent cloud management system ensures both tenants and landlords are able to gain instant access to live service charge information and building documentation whenever they need it.

Landlords Enjoy the Peace of Mind, Tenants Appreciate the Savings.

We adopt a common sense approach to service charges that offers a unique advantage to both landlords and tenants.  Our fixed fee approach allows for reduced service charges. Tenants desire savings in their property expenditure and are very responsive to offsetting a percentage against a rental increase.


Broadwalk work with a team of expert consultants who possess a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of property including the following:

  • Acquisition and Disposal
  • Lettings
  • Corporate Real Estate for Occupiers
  • Property Finance/Refinance


  • A Commercial Estate Agency via our Affiliated Company Mark Daniel and Associates Limited
  • Rent Collection
  • Insurance Instructions and Advice
  • Free Expert Service Charge Certificate Audit and Advice
  • Design Plans and Advice for Refurbishments
  • Advice and Instructions on Dilapidations
  • Off-Market Property Sales and Purchase
  • Building Control Services and Advice




All Services are offered either by Broadwalk Property Management Ltd or their associates.