Off-Market Property Services

Sometimes landlords and investors may prefer to conduct their property transactions discreetly. Since 2012 Broadwalk have been working with Peter Boros FRICS in the off-market property sector.

We have established a reputation for discretion, delivery and transparency, working with a wide range of clients including institutional investors, national and locally based developers, small investors and assisting them to acquire or dispose of various sites.

The typical range of sites we are involved in are…

  • Small development sites UK under £10m.
  • Residential Development Sites London and UK – £10m – £750m.
  • Commercial Development Opportunities UK & Europe – £5m – £1bn.
  • Commercial Investment Opportunities UK, Europe and USA – £5m – £1bn.
  • Portfolio Investment Sales UK & Europe – £1m – £2bn.
  • Hotel Search and Acquisition UK & Europe – £5m – £2bn.
  • Trophy Assets.

We work closely with our direct clients and a small number of individuals and will only work on an asset if there is a clear route of delivery to the market, which we have access to.

For further information on this, please contact us.