Broadwalk in the Community

Since 2013 Broadwalk Property Management has supported the local community in providing expert advice and assistance to Hogarth Primary School. Head teacher John Howells approached Daniel Hawkins, whose daughter attends the school, for assistance in implementing a new entrance way and covered areas for outdoor classrooms. The savings made to the school were such that they had enough money left in the budget to purchase much needed items for the pupils.

In 2014 we were invited back by the school and again worked with them in replacing flooring in the WC’s and fitting new kitchenettes in each of the classrooms. The work was carried out during the summer break and completed in time for the pupils’ return. During the same period, we discovered a problem with the flooring in the reception class and utilising our experience, ensured the work was carried out under a valid insurance claim. Due to the various cost savings, we were able to provide a far superior stain resistant floor covering.

The work carried out on behalf of the school to date has been a donation of time by Broadwalk. Our contractors and their suppliers aided in the cost savings, by their reduction in labour charges and material cost.